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Top stylists use top products. It’s as simple as that. With our many years’ experience in the business, we know which products are pleasant to work with, are good for your hair, and have the desired effect. Apart from the fact that we use these hairdressing products in our parlour, we should like to help you choose the products that would be ideal for you to use at home. This is how we choose the best care & finish hairdressing products together, keeping your cut and colour looking great as long as possible. The brands we use – and why we are enthusiastic about them and recommend them – are described below.

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Sebastian: unlimited beauty

We opt for the American brand Sebastian as they set the trend and create products that are great to work with. Shampoos and conditioners to be used at home, styling products to style one haircut in two ways, and treatment products to give your hair the TLC it needs once in a while.

Seb Man: pampering men’s hair

With Seb Man, the special men’s line Sebastian has introduced, which includes some rugged hair care products too, we ensure the haircuts of our male customers really look splendid.

Sassoon: sets the standard in hairdressing.

Sassoon does not only have outstanding products in its assortment but it is also an institute that trains hairdressers from across the globe. It is a brand we draw much inspiration from. As we work with hair colouring techniques for many of our customers, it took a while before we had finally decided on our favourite brand. Sassoon stands out for its natural and subtle colour effects.

Natural Hair Company

Not everybody is blessed with a full head of hair. We can help these people in a natural way with the hair weaves (made of 100% genuine hair) of Natural Hair Company. With the proper care, you can enjoy shiny, full locks for as long as nine months to a year.

Natural Haircompany

Ghd – good hair day: the hairdresser’s look from your bathroom

The idea behind this British brand is simple and exactly in line with our philosophy: if women feel beautiful they can move mountains. We couldn’t have put it any better. We want our customers to have this just-back-from-the-hairdresser’s kind of feeling from their own bathroom. We opt for the tools of this brand since they outclass any other products we have tried (and there have been quite a few in all those years). In addition, they are a magnificent item for your toiletry bag, and thanks to the dual voltage system you can take them along on all your travels.

Great Lengths Extensions: that little bit extra with a natural look

If you are not blessed with a full head of hair or if you cannot afford to wait until your hair has grown the length you wish, extensions come in handy. We only work with extensions that everybody would swear is your own hair, extensions that match your hair colour and structure in a natural way and stay beautiful, also after styling and washing. Great Lengths Extensions is the brand that meets our demands by a wide margin.

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