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Hairdresser’s Parlour Wassenaar | Hair Spa

Feel free to relax in our parlour, get pampered, and walk out even more beautiful than when you came in. To make this moment of luxury last longer, we have opted for the Hair Spa. This advanced device works on the basis of steam and a delightful smell to give your hair an extra boost.

Together we choose the treatment that is best for your hair and decide what you can do at home to have optimum benefit from the treatment. A Hair Spa treatment prior to your haircut or colour treatment, or would you prefer it as a separate treatment in between the haircuts? It is up to you.

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Opening hours

Tuesday08.30 – 17.30
Wednesday08.30 – 17.30
Thursday08.30 – 17.30
Friday08.30 – 19.00
Saturday08.00 – 16.00

Hairdressers who take a different approach

Allow us to share some information about our philosophy. We firmly believe that two things really matter in a hairdresser’s parlour: expertise and atmosphere. To us, hair design does not stop at merely giving somebody a haircut. It’s our passion! Hair design is all about choosing the right style and cut that make each individual customer feel beautiful and shine with joy. It is everything you tell us as well as such aspects as the shape of your face that we take into account while creating a haircut that is tailored to you.
The atmosphere at our parlour should be one in which you, the customer, feel at ease and welcome. Once you have entered our parlour, you instinctively know you are in good hands. Leave everything to our expertise and workmanship.

Hairdressers with a story

There is a story to the hummingbird in our logo. This small but brave bird is a hard worker, it is colourful, it has a vivid recollection of all the flowers it has visited, and it is known as the helicopter among the birds – characteristics we think an exclusive hairdresser cannot do without. Besides, the bird’s name is closely linked to Nanda’s family history: her parents had a nursery with the name Kolibrie, which is Dutch for hummingbird. When she set up her own hairdresser’s parlour, it made her feel good to choose a name that represented warmth and protection to her. So feel at home in our ‘house’, where we conjure up the greatest haircuts. This is what we mean by ‘hair design’.

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